Streamlined Sales & Marketing Collateral
Distribution with a Storefront Platform

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Our client is a crypto asset manager. It sells bitcoin funds and also partners with investment professionals and financial advisors to provide education and research on cryptocurrency. The firm is one of the largest and fastest-growing crypto managers, and at the end of 2021, it managed more than $1.3 billion across various investment solutions.

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75 %

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Southeastern | Crypto currency brand management case study

The Problem

Needing a Single Storefront Tool for Sales Collateral

Our client works with financial institutions to offer crypto funds to investors. Therefore, internal stakeholders needed a user-friendly way to store, manage, and get sales collateral to the financial institutions to educate potential investors. Distributing sales collateral to clients is an important part of its business strategy; however, the timely distribution of sales collateral to clients was a large challenge.

Our client was looking for a resource that could: 

  • Streamline its distribution and work.
  • Print on demand.
  • Provide fulfillment services through a single tool.

Connecting with clients and potential investors at crypto trade shows is an important strategy. Therefore, a single fulfillment center was needed to manage a large amount of promotional products and print collateral for crypto trade shows to ensure our client’s booth and collateral arrive when and where they’re needed and are able to go from show to show with ease.

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John Smith
VP Finance
Southeastern | Printing Press

The Solution

Providing a Streamlined Platform

We had previously created some successful print projects together, and in our regular meetings, it became apparent that our brandstash brand management platform would help our client improve inefficiencies in its marketing process. 

With brandstash, all of our client’s sales enablement collateral can be consolidated in a secure location in the cloud, eliminating the potential for inconsistencies and errors. Our client has the opportunity to manage its entire inventory, orders, and supply distribution and control all asset permissions. This allows the right people to access the right materials directly, saving money and time. 

Maintaining brand image and voice is our mission, and it’s top of mind with everything we do. With brandstash, brand image can be maintained to ensure consistency in messaging and in every piece of collateral. Brandstash gives our client the power to optimize supply lines to keep every line of business operating efficiently on top of robust reporting tools and control over budgets.

Southeastern has a distributed print model with a network of production facilities worldwide. Brandstash can geo-route orders to any production facility in our network, saving shipping costs as well as time. Having a robust trade show strategy means that sales collateral and promotional products for trade shows need to be in a specific location within a designated time period.


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Southeastern | Brand Collateral Management Storefront Platform

The Results

Increasing Speed to Market

The goal was a streamlined tool for distribution and collateral from a source that could provide both fulfillment services and print-on-demand services through a single tool. Brandstash was the appropriate solution, and delivered results quickly.

Since working with Southeastern, our client has experienced an enormous increase in speed to market, allowing it to quickly put together ideas, develop the collateral, and get the collateral out. Promotional products are important to its clients and trade show strategy, and since working with Southeastern, products have been creative at drawing attention to the brand.