3 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty in 2023

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3 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty in 2023

In hard economic times, it’s even more important to be a source of value for your consumer base. Therefore, brand marketing and building brand loyalty are key in 2023.

What is brand loyalty, and why is it important?

Brand loyalty describes your consumers’ positive feelings toward your brand and their dedication toward investing in your products or services. They have a personal connection with your brand because they like how it feels to own your product or interact with it. When a consumer has a personal connection with a brand, they’re a brand loyalist and will continue using your products and services because they trust you.

Perhaps most importantly, brand loyalty also results in positive word-of-mouth recommendations from your consumers. Think of your consumers as brand ambassadors: They’re going to tell all of their friends and family when they’re happy (or unhappy!) with a product or service. 

This is like free marketing. If any potential consumers were on the fence about investing in your product or service, the positive experience and recommendation from their friend or family member removes any doubts about your brand and makes it more likely they’ll convert. In fact, according to one survey, 88 percent of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know.

What are 3 ways to build brand loyalty?

Showing your value and building personal connections with your consumers is key to earning lifelong consumers who trust your brand. Let’s explore how to build brand loyalty this year.


1. Be consistent with your brand experience.

Over time, consumers become loyal to your brand and develop an expectation for what your brand delivers to them. If your brand doesn’t deliver on what consumers have come to expect, they are often quick to replace it with an alternative. 

Invest in your product or service to ensure you can consistently deliver the quality your consumers expect. If you have to change your product or service for some reason (e.g., to make it more environmentally friendly or to comply with new FDA guidelines), be transparent with consumers about the change and the cause for it. 


2. Be consistent with how your brand presents itself.

Consistency with your assets can make or break your brand. Think of it this way: Consumers can’t be loyal to brands they don’t recognize. 

For example, in a store or on the road, they’re going to look for the colors, shapes, taglines, and logos that they recognize and continue to invest in that product. It’s comforting and familiar, and they know they can expect great quality. If your brand is inconsistent with any of these features, you won’t be recognizable among other brands, and you’ll also lose trust among your consumer base. 

If you haven’t already, to ensure consistency, it’s important to decide on a color scheme, logo, font, voice, and tone that you want to use across your communications. Once you have chosen, develop style guidelines that your teams can access. A centralized brand collateral platform is a simple, convenient way to house this information.


3. Dive into data to make messaging personal. 

With the economy in a period of inflation, it’s even more important for brands to deliver the experiences consumers need and expect. Consumers expect a tailored experience, and this extends to marketing and direct mail campaigns. Marketing collateral that provides a personal touch is going to capture the attention of your target audience more than a generalized offer or statement.

How can you do this? To craft the right personalized message, you need to dig into your data to truly understand the behaviors of your consumers. Information about your audience’s preferences, demographics, and even their shopping preferences can help you create personalized messaging that hits the mark. 

By having a deep understanding of things such as where and when consumers are leaving your website, whether and how often consumers are repurchasing your brand, and at what discount consumers purchase most often, you can personalize your brand message to drive desired behavior, thereby increasing loyalty.

Once you know what to say and to whom, use your content to target what’s most valuable to your audience. Send personalized emails or direct mail campaigns that provide personalized offers or address your consumers at special times, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Variable data printing makes personalization simple. Instead of sending out direct mail campaigns that have thousands of pieces with the same offer, you can send out that many personalized messages within the same amount of time as the generalized message. 

You can further make your direct mail campaigns personal by enhancing them with digital tools, such as boombox™. The boombox platform amplifies direct mail campaigns with features such as LEADMATCH, which gives you a list of the physical and email addresses of people who came to your website but did not convert. You can then follow up with these people via direct mail or email with a personalized and/or enhanced offer to drive conversions.  

Achieve your goals. Build brand loyalty with Southeastern.

Building brand loyalty is going to be even more important this year. Make sure you’re staying on top of these important trends with the right tools to streamline and amplify your marketing efforts. 

Streamline your marketing collateral and ensure consistency by housing your assets in one place with our brandstash centralized platform. Then, amplify your marketing campaign and drive conversions with boombox. Ready to see what these platforms can do for your brand? Request a demo of brandstash or boombox today.


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