Keep Your Brand Green: Eco-Friendly Printing Alternatives

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Sustainable business practices not only are ethical and better for the environment, but today, they also perform as well or better than less eco-friendly solutions and offer just as high a value. If sustainability is a priority for your brand, make sure to use a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified printer for your wide-format signage and other printing projects. Respected by businesses and consumers worldwide, the FSC certification system verifies sustainable sourcing of forest products at every step of the process from forest to finished product.

At Southeastern, environmental stewardship is at the core of everything we do. As an FSC-certified printer, we prioritize sustainable substrates such as paper made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled fiber and use eco-friendly UV printing inks and coatings. Our mission is to produce your printing project with the lowest environmental impact while delivering the highest level of quality.

Not only does Southeastern meet FSC standards in our own operations, but we also partner with FSC-certified specialty providers like Neenah Paper and Monadnock Paper Mills to source the latest sustainable substrates for our customers.

When you are planning your next marketing project, consider utilizing these eco-friendly alternatives.

  • Wallcoverings. Some vinyl and plastic wallcoverings emit environmentally harmful VOCs during the manufacturing process. Today, you can choose from a number of VOC-free alternatives. For example, Neenah Paper offers DigiScape®, a latex-saturated, non-woven print media. Designed for printed wallcoverings murals, wall décor, counter coverings, and other wide format projects, this PVC alternative offers a bright white surface while remaining dimensionally stable and tear-resistant.

  • When your project calls for rigid signage, plastic and styrene are no longer your only substrate choices. Take Monadnock’s ENVIsual® Board, for example. This renewable coated rigid board is made of responsibly sourced wood fiber. Designed for retail and hospitality graphics, POP displays and other signage, it can be recycled in a standard curb-side mixed paper bin. Its many benefits include no cracking or crazing, marring or fingerprints, and it’s easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Card Stock. Gift cards, loyalty cards and hotel keys don’t need to be made of plastic anymore. We can now source card stock that is 100% paper-based. Not only are paper cards more sustainable, but they also offer more printing options than standard plastic cards. For instance, NEENAH IMAGEMAX® Paper Card stock, made with 30% post-consumer waste (PCW), can be printed with hot and cold foils, etching, engraving and embossing while still offering the stiffness and snap you expect. They also are suitable for use with traditional stored-value card technology such as magnetic stripe and peel-off panels.

  • Folded carton boxes can now be both eye-catching and eco-friendly. Monadnock’s Envi® Performance Board Series is good example of premium foldable packaging that blends sustainability and with beauty and printability. A great solution for luxury and lifestyle brands offering cosmetics, jewelry and more, Envi Board boxing is made from 100% PCW recycled fiber or 70% PCW recycled fiber and 30% hemp fiber, and is available with both coated and uncoated surfaces.

When you work with an FSC-certified printer like Southeastern that sources eco-friendly printing substrates, you can rest assured your project will be the result of a sustainable stewardship chain all the way from forest to printed product. We can help you stand out from the competition while keeping your brand green – a win-win-win for you, your customer and the environment. 🌎


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