Mastering Brand Management: How Brandstash Benefits Industries

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You’ve made the investment in defining your brand and building your brand architecture. You and your team have created engaging brand collateral, including the digital and print media, signage and promotional products you and your team will use to grow brand awareness and build loyalty.

What’s the next step? For many companies, particularly those with limited warehouse space and with sales and marketing staff spread out in different geographical locations, the right move is to utilize a brand management solution that incorporates an automated digital online storefront.

A comprehensive brand management platform like Brandstash from Southeastern provides busy marketing leads with a suite of online tools, including managing digital brand assets, designing and producing printed materials, sourcing promotional products, warehousing physical brand collateral, distributing it quickly and affordably, and tracking inventory, orders and supplies. The automated digital storefront takes this to the next level by letting you to let your team members, affiliates, and other stakeholders view and order appropriate brand collateral via a custom online portal. Each order is automatically shipped to the recipient quickly and cost-efficiently.

Businesses serving different industries* can benefit from utilizing a robust brand management platform like Brandstash in different ways. Here are some examples.

  • Education. Higher education institutions with multiple schools, sports teams and museums under one umbrella name can consolidate all brand assets in a single location. Each school, team or institution will have access to branded content through their own online brand storefront landing pages, with their individual budgets and user permissions.

  • Finance. Financial institutions that send out multi-piece letters, rate promotions and other direct mail can benefit from print-on-demand campaigns in which each mail piece is individually personalized. Branded templates can be created to simplify repeat mailings, and response rate can be tracked. Staff at different branches across the region or country also can order logo apparel via the digital online storefront to maintain a consistent brand appearance.

  • Healthcare. Healthcare organizations can manage sales-enablement collateral and promotional materials, and their HR teams can gain access to employee onboarding documents and gifts, through the automated digital storefront. Budgets can be created to reward top producers or higher-volume salespeople.

  • Manufacturing. Promotional branded materials for store product launches and new facility openings can be warehoused until needed and shipped on demand to arrive just in time.

  • Municipalities. Different municipal departments can manage branded digital assets in a single solution, gather weekly leads and inquiries, and upload mailing lists to a direct mail database to efficiently mail inventoried promotional brochures to interested parties.

  • Travel and Leisure. Exhibit management at travel trade shows is simplified with an automated online storefront. Users have real-time access to inventory levels pre-show, and post-show unused materials may be sent back to return to inventory.

No matter what industry you are in, a total brand management platform like Brandstash by Southeastern can help to lower your workload and expand your market reach. Visit for more information and to request a demo today.

*While these benefits are shown by industry, with Brandstash, all features are available to all industries.


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