How to Use the Power of Digital Marketing to Create a Campaign and Maximize the Effectiveness of Direct Mail

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When you’re spending money on any form of marketing asset, you want your message to be delivered as effectively as possible and through multiple touchpoints. With the rise of technology in the last few decades, marketers have turned more and more to digital marketing to deliver their message to audiences.

The problem is that cutting through the noise of digital ads and standing out from the competition is becoming increasingly difficult. While digital marketing offers a lot of value to a marketing strategy, to get better results and value from your marketing efforts, consider implementing an omnichannel digital and direct mail marketing strategy.

How to Implement an Omnichannel Digital and Direct Mail Campaign

According to a marketing survey conducted by the United States Postal Service (USPS), 68 percent of marketers said that combining digital marketing efforts with their direct mail campaign increased website traffic. This is because layering multiple marketing strategies enables marketers to increase the number of touches and drive conversions.

We’ve found it takes between 8-16 touches to drive a conversion. But this figure can be hard to meet when you’re only implementing one marketing strategy. Let’s explore how you can improve your marketing efforts to drive conversions.

Implement prospect retargeting.

The average website conversion rate is 3.68 percent. This means much more can be done to reach your audience and encourage conversion. One strategy you can implement in your marketing efforts is retargeting. However, this essential strategy often goes unused. 

Retargeting helps you convert your warmest leads (consumers who visited your website but didn’t convert at that time). If a prospect responds to one of your ads by visiting your website but doesn’t convert, technology will collect information on their device ID, cookies, and IP address to match them to your mailing list. These prospects can then be retargeted with direct mail campaign assets related to the actions they took on your website.

Add QR codes.

To further increase engagement and drive conversions, add a QR code to your direct mail pieces. QR codes provide plenty of data once scanned, which makes collecting data for your marketing efforts simple. 

You’ll learn where the consumer is, the number of scans, how they interacted with the code, the time and date of the scan, and the result. This is highly beneficial information for your targeted marketing campaigns.

Implement tools that make the omnichannel approach easy.

Implementing the right tools is key to making your digital and direct mail campaign approach easy. With tools such as boombox™, you can get your message to your target audience with features such as: 

  • Social match: Match your mailing list with Facebook and Instagram accounts, then prime your audience with ads before, during, and after your direct mail campaign hits.
  • Mail tracking: Know when your campaign is hitting mailboxes and receive non-scan data for each mail piece.
  • Informed Delivery®: This feature adds an additional touchpoint to your direct mail campaign by sending an email preview of your mailer to prospects on your list who are signed up for this feature through the USPS.
  • Call and text tracking: Record every call that comes in as a result of the campaign while also capturing the demographic information, name, and address of each caller when available.
  • Online and social media follow-up: If a prospect visits your website without taking action, your ads will show up throughout the Google Network and on their social media feeds to direct them back to your website.
  • LEADMATCH: With this feature, you’ll receive a list of who visited your website and what actions they took. Then, mail can be sent to unique visitors who went to your website—even if they weren’t on your mailing list.

In addition to the above features, you’ll have access to real-time data through a robust dashboard that provides information about your campaign so you can determine which ads aren’t working and then create more effective messaging. 

Why It Works

Some (not all!) consumers avoid digital ads and invest in ad blockers or simply delete emails without opening them. However, direct mail cuts through this avoidance and taps into the positive feelings associated with receiving a gift. It feels more personalized. 

And when you’re implementing variable data printing into your direct mail pieces, it is personalized because the offer has been tailored to that specific individual. This also helps your audience feel more connected with your brand on a personal level because your messaging is relevant to them.

Additionally, there’s less competition when you’re implementing an omnichannel approach because far fewer companies are implementing direct mail strategies. And the results are significant. By implementing an omnichannel approach through platforms such as boombox, direct mail pieces receive up to 32 touches for an average 24-46 percent lift in results compared to direct mail alone. 

Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

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